\Knight"hood\, [Knight + hood:] 

The character, dignity, or condition of a knight, or of knights as a class; hence, chivalry. 


\Night"hood\, [Night + hood:]

The character, dignity, or condition of a hero, or of heroes as a class.

Read synopses of the first six issues of Nighthood below.  Follow the adventure as the story of Nighthood unfolds from birth to culmination.


Issue 1 - Birth

Life can change in a moment, so is the destiny of Nighthood.  Issue 1 describes origins and surroundings of the Nighthood series.  A night out succumbs to tragedy for Alex Trench and his love as they are caught in a surreal twist of fate, as with the presence of the Hellrazers, things never get any better.  



Issue 2 - Severe Solitude Severe Solitude


Left for dead in an electrical storm, Alex Trench receives a bolt of lightening, absorbing its energy.  Already possessing minor telekinetic abilities, his sensitivity is awakened and realizes that his strange gift is greatly enhanced to immense proportions. 










Issue 3 - The Summoning

Desperate situations call for revelations, the summoning features a stepping stone as the hero evolves into what he has already become.



Issue 4 - Euphonic Temptation

A brief encounter with a temptress holds some understandings, possibly.


Issue 5 - Realization

Hero reaches a pinnacle of adversity as he is torn between the edge of pain and righteousness.


Issue 6 - Flesh

Check out this action filled book as hero's first rival is met and extent of powers are realized, but at what cost?